Hunting methods

The Alaskan peninsula is an immense, rugged and remote land. Virtually all access is by small plane and both of our exclusive guiding concessions are in designated wilderness areas so all hunting is done on foot. The terrain is damp, moss covered tundra with numerous streams separated by rolling hills and volcanic mountains. You do not need to be world class athlete however the ability to travel all day, occasionally at a rapid pace, will greatly enhance your chance of success.
On a typical hunt you and your guide will be flown into a spike camp with a large steel framed, walk-in Weatherport tent with cots and cook table. Each morning we will hike to a nearby spotting hill where we will spend the day glassing the tundra with our binoculars. The terrain is open tundra but is rolling and broken. It is not difficult to stalk close and typically shots at moose are well under 200 yards and shots at bear under 100 yards.