Wilderness Adventures
                                                      ECO-TOURS AND PHOTOGRAPHY TRIPS

Our family’s homestead in the scenic Kejulik river valley is surrounded by federally designated wilderness and lays within the heart of
Becharof National Wildlife Refuge. To the north the jagged Kejulik mountains tower over our cabin and both ends of the valley are bracketed by
active volcanoes.
Although a limited amount of hunting and fishing is permitted each year the area retains the essence of untrammeled wilderness. We have
lived here for almost three decades and attempt to maintain a low human profile in order to minimize the impact on the surrounding wildlife. Our
power is derived from solar panels and a small wind generator and all building blend in with the surrounding vegetation.
There has always been an active  fox den at the end of our gravel runway and wolves  often  den within sight of our cabin. It is an unusual
day during the summer when bears are not visible from some window in the cabin and having them wander through the yard is quite common.
During their spring and fall migrations caribou also wander through the yard, feeding and resting within sight of the house.
The surrounding tundra is a nesting area for numerous species of birds and a number of active beaver  ponds are home to waterfowl, 
swans,  geese, mink, muskrats and otter.
Within a short, few minutes flight from our homestead we can land beside cliffs along the Pacific ocean that are teaming with colonies of
murres, puffins, guillemots, gulls and falcons. The numerous creeks and streams in the area are packed with five species of spawning salmon,
which in turn attract  hundreds of brown bears from nearby Katmai National Park. Many of our photographers enjoy the opportunity to photograph
bears in open, natural habitats rather than from platforms in heavily used, designated bear viewing  areas.
The majority of our guests like to sample a variety of activities  and the distinction between  photography,  eco-tour and fishing trips is often
blurred.  In order to show our visitors as much as possible we operate our eco and photography trips for the same price and the same Saturday to
Saturday schedule as our fishing trips.
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